Our lives now.


This social media era has transformed the way we communicate. People no longer physically talk and share stories. Rather, they simply just go on online and chat. When you type , LOL, you just simply type it because  you are required to react to something funny, online. 

People nowadays, myself included, do not see the value of relationships outside social media. You post something online and you get excited on how many likes you’ll get. 

People forget to get in touch with reality.  We forget to spend quality time with our old folks back home. you get pretty much busy with work and other stuff. 

Life is just too short to spend it online.We have only one life, let’s make it worth-living.  We just need some time to enjoy nature and the people who are still in your lives. Hug them and say “thank you” and “I love you” because No one really knows when their last minutes on earth are.

My husband and I never get to see our grandmom during our wedding because we said we can always visit her when we come back to Philippines. Now, we will never get to see here ever again.  

But life must go on, we will always remember how amazing she was. She will always be in our hearts. Goodbye, Lola Bibing.




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